Ebay & Amazon & Etsy & Opencart

Onur 4 weeks ago 0

I am looking for a module to enable me to sell my product on multiple websites such as amazon, ebay, etsy… etc.

And when I sell a product from one of these websites, I want that product to decrese from the stock from all the websites that product is displayed.

For example, I put product A on all websites like amazon, ebay, etsy and my own website and I have 10 of this product on stocs.

When someone buys 1 A from ebay, I want all the websites stock to decrese to 9 simultaneously.

Also, can I give different prices for each site? For example, for product A, I would like to give $1 at Amazon, $1.20 at ebay, $0.95 at my own website...

Is this possible?