Openbaypro not connecting to my ebay store

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It stopped working on Friday and if we cant get it fixed, we are moving the whole site to Shopify. This is a big bummer... any help?

we are getting the same problem,

To support, can you please fix this URGENTLY, we cant afford to wait any longer.

I spoke to them about this on Friday morning (UK time) and was told it was being worked on and would be fixed 'soon'. I asked whether that meant it would be fixed that day and was told 'certainly'. As of this moment (7:30am Monday) it is still not working. Not really good enough.

I guess there's some comfort knowing we're not alone. Hopefully they'll get this fixed soon.

Problem for me too! since two days it does not download orders and it does not connect to ebay. the extension seems to crash but there are no news from the staff, I hope they solve soon. thank you

I heard from them this morning after they thought they had fixed it yesterday to say they were still working on it as a matter of urgency


As Above, the issue seems to be resolved EXCEPT I have to manually pull orders down. They are not happening automatically as per the legal commitment with them. I expect they will issue a refund against our monthly fees.

No notice from them to let us know there was a problem, only found out when customer starting complaining on Friday that their orders were not shipped. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. If they said there was an issue I would have known and reverted to a manual process.

The only thing that works is to post reviews and feedback on every site you can find. Trust-pilot is a good place to start as this has an effect on their sales.

I too am coding them out within the next few months. Anyone suggest a good alternative? My leaning is currently towards 



Looking @ expandly now. An alternative is sounding great. This is not the first time.

Did any of you solve the problem?

It's really very serious!

Really need this sorting out please. Please provide an ETA


Can we please at least be given some feedback to let us know where we are at in terms of a fix for this issue?

The lack of communication is awful and like others we have missed shipping orders as a result!

Have you noticed how quiet Welford goes when there is a problem?
I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to respond.

If it helps, don't waste your money paying for a faster solution, all it means is they will respond within a certain time not they will resolve the issue quicker. I paid for faster support which didn't come but when I complained they said they did respond within 24 hours. That response was an email to say they will look into the issue!

Have you noticed how quiet Welford goes when there is a problem?

Yes, whereas most service providers send out an email proactively stating there is an issue being dealt with and a status update, WM cause themselves more work in replying to the countless duplicate questions which could have been prevented. 

I also feel a little insulted to find out that only if I pay £12 will they treat a ticket urgently with priority support. 

Within OpenCart Admin, click the OpenBay, eBay button to request a "Manual Order Import" it take a long time to finish but at least that's working.

Is it still working for you? the manual import? because mine isnt?

Da venerdì non siamo nemmeno in grado di sincronizzare le azioni del sito con ebay su articoli collegati. Questo è un problema molto serio ...

Any update Welford on this? Can't even manually import orders now!

The technical support phone number is 0113 350 3335 - I've called 3 times since Friday and been told it will be fixed 'soon'.


still not fixed, been a real hassle to import orders and check stock since Friday. Already sold the same item twice and had to cancel one which didnt look good to the customer or my amazon performance. 


can we please have an eta of when this will be fixed ?

and what has caused this ? 

Hello all, same problem here, we don't see order made on ebay since 11th. We missed a couple of order because we did not see it on the platform. Please fix this asap!

Thank you


Manual Process not working now either!


Currently having to alter stock manually on ebay itself if I get an order from any other platform

We cannot connect even manually now, just brings u[p an error

Same issue here, just wish we would've known to prevent late shipping for our customers. We pride our business in great customer service and this messed us up!

Has everyone here actually raised a support ticket?

It may help pressure them and hopefully make them realise the impact of the issue.

Without a support ticket it would be difficult to claim a refund on the monthly fees.

Ticket issued.

I had support ticket as soon as it started occurring, slightly worried I've received zero replies today though.

Raised a support ticket on Sunday, heard from them Monday and yesterday but nothing today. I keep updating them if I find another problem and have asked for an update but have not heard from them today no. Can only hope it's because they are working on the fix

one order just came through when i pulled orders from ebay, should have been 5 

OpenBay Pro Problems Update

Paul B. (Technical Support) 17 minutes ago



As many of you are aware there was a problem with the OpenBay Pro eBay Pull Order feature for most of today but this has now been resolved so eBay orders can be imported manually again.

We have not yet been able to resolve the problems related to automatic eBay order importing and the eBay Item Links page not loading. We are extremely sorry for the huge inconvenience this is causing and understand how frustrating this must be. We are working hard to fix these issues as quickly as possible. We do not have an ETA at this time but will continue to keep you updated.

Kind regards

OpenBay Pro Support

Great We now have it in writing that we can claim a rebate against our fees..........
Funny how they have only acknowledged one day when it's not worked since last Friday!

We've had manual import since Friday but then lost that today for several hours as well. I'm assuming they only see the full outage as a problem and that the manual import is acceptable...

Outages happen, albeit nowhere near as long as this, however communication is the difference. If our server goes down I have a notification from our provider they are working on it within 5 minutes and then a full outage report once it's back online. It's rare it happens, but I sleep well knowing I'm in good hands.

OpenBay Pro Problems Update

Paul B. (Technical Support) 25 minutes ago



We are hoping to have the automatic eBay order importing resolved within the next 24 hours, and the eBay Item Links page loading problem resolved shortly afterwards. You may find that the manual eBay order import is temporarily unavailable again today for a short time as these problems are being resolved. We will continue to keep you updated.

The cause of these problems was a Denial-Of-Service attack that has required quite extensive upgrading to repair. Our development team has been working 24/7 to resolve this problem and to offer the best protection and minimise disruption as much as possible should such attacks happen again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards

OpenBay Pro Support

how about compensation?? This has been costly for us to manually check

Hi Paul,

this Problem with Ebay does not  worke since last  Friday, Manual Ebay  Import did not work

Best regads


3 days later and I got a response to my ticket. Apparently because I don’t pay for premium support that’s what I should expect, per Paul’s response. Forget about the fact that I have two accounts I pay for their medium sized business plan on. We will be doing whatever we can to migrate away from OpenBay.

We're currently looking into ChannelGrabber.com. 

All services have outages and it's impossible to prevent all, how they have handled the terrible communication since though is the reason we're considering moving. 


If you paid premium it just means they respond within 24hours. That response is just "we are looking into the issue" and they have met their obligation and you don't have any recourse. It does not mean they will fix it within 24 hours!

I fell into that trap a few years back.

Just because they are the cheapest option for multi-channel does not mean they don't have to provide what they have sold.


Re: ChannelGrabber

The problem my company has with the other options is that they are centrally managed on the cloud. We have a linkage from our OpenCart website to our accounts package so we need our website to be the central hub and have all the orders pull into this. I'm sure I've seen a supplier that has a standalone program that runs on any server including a desktop PC. It pools from wherever and imports into Opencart and/or your accounts program. At least that way you control the feeds and frequency including the updating of stock across all channels. If I can re-find this I'll post it here.