Amazon Settings

Amazon Settings
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API details

  • Status: This must be set to Enabled for your Amazon module to be active.
  • API token: This is the authentification token between your website and Amazon and is generated at registration.
  • Encryption key 1: This is an automatically generated string supplied at registration.
  • Encryption key 2: This is an automatically generated string supplied at registration.
  • API connection status: This is a dynamic check of your account status and should show Connection OK. If your details are incorrect, then you will see auth failed so should check the information in the boxes above.


  • Modify price: the percentage added to the default product's price. This allows you to set a percentage increase, which will be added to your products price when listing.
  • Default marketplace: Only applicable to the Amazon EU marketplace, here you can choose a default marketplace for product listings and lookups.
  • Default products condition type: Here you can set the product condition type for your products.


  • Order Statuses: Allows you to choose which order statuses you want for each step in the order process.
  • Marketplaces: You will also have multiple options which you can select for the different marketplaces you want to sell on.
  • Tax for imported items: You can change your tax preferences here depending on how much tax you want to charge for the imported items.
  • Customer Group: You can also change the customer group preference so that customers whose orders are imported from Amazon show as a separate customer group.
  • Notify admin of new order: This will send an email to the admin to notify you of a new order.
  • Default Shipping: If you use the bulk order update you can set the default shipping so this will be preselected.

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