Getting Started with Etsy

Getting Started with Etsy

Requirements for using the Etsy plugin

To use the Etsy marketplace plugin within OpenBay Pro, you require the following.

  • OpenCart version 2.0 or later
  • An Etsy Shop

Activating the Etsy plugin

Activating the Etsy plugin is a simple two-step process, which includes installing the plugin and registering and enabling the plugin.

Step 1. Installing the Etsy plugin

Log into your OpenCart website and navigate to OpenBay Pro > Dashboard.

Click the green Install button on the Etsy plugin.

Your OpenBay Pro Etsy plugin is now installed.

Step 2. Registering for an Etsy plan and enabling the plugin

Click the blue Edit button on the Etsy plugin to open the Etsy dashboard.

You need to Register for your OpenBay Pro account (or Sign-in if you already have an account).

Click the Register here button to open the OpenBay Pro for Etsy registration form.

On the OpenBay Pro for Etsy registration form, enter your website URL (e.g. and agree to the terms.

You will then be sent to Etsy to log into your account and confirm that OpenBay Pro is allowed to access your website.

An OpenBay Pro Etsy account will then be created for you.

Go to your browser tab for your OpenCart admin and navigate to OpenBay Pro > Etsy > Dashboard, and click on Settings.

Copy the API details you have been given into the matching fields, set Status to Enabled, and click Save.

Go back into Settings and click on the Sync settings button. This will get all of the latest options from Etsy.

Your Etsy plugin is now active!

 Additional options will be displayed in the OpenBay Pro > Etsy > Dashboard.

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